On Child Adoption

Adoption is a big decision for which a couple needs to be properly guided and supported at every step. There is a lot of paperwork and procedures which has to be followed. As adoption is a huge step which is taken, so it is very important to be assisted from a well- known adoption agency because after all, a couple decides to extend their family and in that case if the child is adopted from a trusted organization then it will help the parents to have complete satisfaction and happiness of having their adopted baby in their arms without any hassles. 

Our organization is best known for the adoption agency. “Nivedita Nari Sangshta” also develops and maintains the orphans, abandoned and vulnerable children where they are kept safe and provided with a good environment. We majorly focus on child development through children rights, education, quality care, support and protection. People from different countries have also adopted children from our organization and they are highly satisfied and happy.

If you have a thought in your mind on adopting a child then kindly, fill the enquiry form and we will get in touch with you soon.